Farmhouse Decor For Your Kitchen

Here is some of our favorite farmhouse decor for your kitchen. You definitely don’t want to ignore your kitchen when it comes to decor. Here’s why: your kitchen is such a focal point of your home! It’s the heart and the center of so much that happens in a house. So let’s talk about dressing it up and making it uniquely yours. Let’s make your kitchen a room you don’t want to leave, a room that invites people in, a place that makes you feel happy.

Farmhouse home decor is our specialty. We have some different styles of decor for you to choose from to match your style and needs to cultivate a warm and stunning aesthetic that will draw people in.

For those who love modern or rustic farmhouse decor, we’ve got you covered.

When decorating your home you want to add layers and textures. Doing this is going to instantly make your home look more expensive and luxurious. Now what this means is having different types of materials from metals, woods, colors, and textures. Many of these rustic decor items will also look amazing in a modern farmhouse because they’re adding that texture and character.

Galvanized Metals:

Corrugated Galvanized Metal and Wood Stand

This galvanized metal stand is the perfect display

This is the perfect piece to have on display as it has a beautiful combination of metal and wood adding layers within a single piece of decor. This is a great display stand to have on hand for parties, weddings, or just to add a bit of fun to your kitchen.

Round Galvanized Metal Trays

Serving Trays

Whether you use these solely for displaying on your counter, for holding your drink on the sofa, or for entertaining you will not regret having these beautiful galvanized serving trays on hand.

Galvanized Metal Egg Basket

Classic Farmhouse Egg Basket

This galvanized metal egg basket can be used to collect and store eggs, or it can be used simply for decor. It is such a fun piece to have in your home, it’s unique and is the essence of farmhouse decor.

Tall Milk Can with Handles

Tall Milk Can

If you have a farmhouse styled home you need to have a milk can somewhere on display. They are a classic staple and they make beautiful vases. You can add artificial flowers or other greenery to them and place it on a console table or make it a centerpiece, either way, you can’t go wrong with adding a milk can to your farmhouse. It’ll add history, character, and depth.

Countertop Decor:

Farmhouse Copper Jug

This is such a stunning copper jug. Use it to add warm tones to a room, again going back to adding layers and texture to the design of your home adding something like this will accomplish a lot in the aesthetic of your home. Then take it a step further and make it complete by adding artificial flowers.

Copper Milk Jug with Lid

Farmhouse Copper Buckets

Much like the copper jug, these buckets are such a fun element to add to your kitchen (or even living room). They make for great storage containers while adding those warm tones to lighten the space they’re in.

Set of two farmhouse copper buckets perfect for storing things

Vintage Dairy Buckets

You can’t get much more farmhouse aesthetic than you can from these beautiful vintage dairy buckets. They come in a set of two and are perfect for putting on display, adding some flowers to them, or for storing kitchen utensils.

Set of Two White Vintage Dairy Buckets, use them to store artificial flowers or kitchen utensils

Farmhouse Utensil Milk Can

This utensil milk can is another classic farmhouse staple. Having a container for your utensils helps keep your kitchen organized and keeps your drawers from getting cluttered.

Farmhouse Utensil Milk Can

Vintage Produce Scale

When decorating your farmhouse kitchen it’s important to add character. Adding something like this decorative vintage produce scale adds history and variety to the space you display it in.

White Decorative Vintage Produce Scale

Wall Decor:

Rolling Pin Hanging Shelf, these shelves have a distressed and aged look to them

Add function and style with this rolling pin shelf

These rolling pin shelves will add so much character to your kitchen. The wooden shelves are slightly distressed to give them character, by adding shelves to your kitchen you’re increasing the value and the amount of available storage.

Blue vintage Farm Station Clock with the word farm down the side of the clock

Farm Station Clock

Adding color to your home is essential to add life character to a space. This farm station clock definitely is the full package when it comes to character and farmhouse charm.

Mail Organizer & Chalkboard

Mail Organizer and Chalkboard

If you have room in your kitchen for this, then buy it! It is so helpful to have so much organization packed into one product. The chalkboard is perfect for writing down this week’s menu, grocery lists, or things you need to remind your family. The pockets on this organizer make a convient place to store important mail, or your keys so you never loose them. If you don’t have room in your kitchen it’s always a fun feature to add to a play room;)


Rustic Mason Jar Organizer

If you’re looking for farmhouse decor for your kitchen you can’t go wrong with something that is both beautiful and practical. This rustic mason jar organizer has it all! You can hang it on a wall, keep it on a countertop, or even in a pantry, it’s versatile and will help keep your kitchen beautiful and organized.

Rustic Mason Jar Organizer

Glass Canisters

This is another aesthetic and functional piece. Use it for everyday use, or use it for events like birthdays, wedding receptions, and more. The galvanized metal tray makes it easy to move the glass canisters to wherever you need them. Use the storage containers are for fun for holding treats, or to store your flours and sugars.

Glass Canisters with a galvanized metal Storage Bin

Salt and Pepper Caddy

It’s all about the details! This salt and pepper caddy will keep your kitchen organized down to the smallest details.

Metal Crate Salt and Pepper Caddy

Decorating your home should be fun, it can seem like an overwhelming task but the key is to buy what you like. Here at Nook & Rose, we sell farmhouse home decor for your kitchen, your living room, bedroom, entryway you name it! We love home decor, and we want you to love your home.

Your home should be a safe place, it should be your shelter from this crazy world. So decorate it, put your personality and your heart into your home. We are so passionate about home decor if you want to read more on how we got started click here. But all in all, we want to help others. We want to help you cultivate a beautiful home and when you shop at Nook & Rose you are helping support victims of domestic violence.

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Farmhouse decor for your kitchen, find beautiful decor to fill your home with.

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